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Gandia Campus Researchers seen through the ‘Prism’ (UPV TV)

Prisma is a new UPV TV program in which the university community speaks in first person. When light passes through a glass prism, refraction occurs. In the same way, the light from the UPV passing through Prisma reveals the different shades, views and day-to-day routines that make up our university community. Three researchers at the Campus Gandia have gone through Prisma to talk about their projects:

Jaime LloretProtocols and Communication Systems

Professor and researcher Jaime Lloret Mauri is vice president of Internet Technical Commitee; one that has most contributed to the development of the Internet since its inception. Creating and setting standards, research on the optimal design of networks or dynamic control of service quality are some of the activities of the ITC.

Jesus Alba: Acoustic Research

Jesus Alba is Chaired Professor of Applied Physics and teaches at the Gandia and Alcoy campuses. He also holds a PhD in Telecommunication Engineer from the UPV and is a member of the Spanish Society of Acoustics (SEA); one of the most important organisms in the field of acoustic research and outreach.

Miguel Rodilla: Sustainable Management of the Marine Environment

The marine environment is a source of wealth for humanity and at times a source of conflict between its users. This means that sustainable management of the environment is one of the basic objectives to ensuring environmental sustainability and competitiveness of economic activities that nourish this environment. Professor and researcher Miguel Rodilla directs the Master’s Degree Program in Environmental Assessment and Monitoring of Marine and Coastal Ecosystems imparted on the Campus Gandia of the UPV.

You can watch all the Prismas episodes on the playlist and the UPV Television YouTube Channel. You can follow the project on Facebook and Twitter.

The Prisma project is coordinated by Laida Frasquet.

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