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Safor Salut to Hold Its 2nd Conference Online

“Safor Salut”, the cooperation program between the Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research in the Valencian Community (FISABIO, for its Spanish initials) of the Gandia Health Department, Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV), and the Federation of Safor Business Associations (FAES, for its Spanish initials), is set to hold its second Conference.

The healthcare sector carries significant weight in the economy and is facing tremendous challenges today (health emergencies, aging, digitization, management, etc.) that require innovative solutions from all the agents in the system in a coordinated manner. For this reason, the strategic lines and challenges within the Smart Specialization Strategy of the Valencian Community (RIS3) and the Valencian Innovation Agency (AVI) include innovation in the field of healthcare, which is an opportunity to promote the development of collaborative joint projects.

The program has adapted to the current health emergency situation caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, so the conference will be held online on June 4, at 12 noon on the platform Zoom, with open access.

Meeting ID: 889 5079 7379

Password: 852456

Direct link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88950797379?pwd=aGRvdnlLMks3Y05jczZ6Mk1laWlhdz09

The objective of the session is to put professionals from the healthcare, business and university sectors in contact and define new needs, as well as to generate joint innovation projects and business opportunities in the healthcare field at the county level, through collaborative methodologies developed between the three agents.

Technical staff and researchers from Campus Gandia, from Fisabio, from the Gandia Health Department, from FAES businesses, as well as from the La Pedrera Hospital in Dénia, collaborators in this initiative, will participate.


The conference will have a practical and realistic focus and is expected to last approximately 1 hour. During conference, the project work plan for 2020 will be announced, as well as the current research activity carried out by each of the innovation agents and the challenges detected in line with the RIS3 strategy and the challenges and solutions identified by the AVI’s Strategic Committee on innovation (CEI).

1- Framework of the Safor Salut Program and Conference Objectives, lead by Campus Gandia and FAES.

2- Workings of the Health Departments, lead by the Gandia Health Department, and How RDi is Structured, lead by the Fisabio Innovation Area.

3- Presentations by the research teams:

  • 4 businesses (FAES)

Fernando Llopis Aleixandre. CIO (Chief Information Officer).  ODEC. Your big data partner

Joaquin Bernabeu. CEO CTL Environmental Health. Global Environmental Hygiene Solutions.

Salvador Boro Rodrigo Cuñat. CEO Locatec. Computer Applications and Integration of Sensorics,

Ricardo Muñoz. LABTECNIC. Microbiological Analysis and DNA Sequencing

  • 4 research teams from Campus Gandia (UPV)

Jaime Lloret and Jesús Tomás, experts in medical applications of sensors and artificial intelligence.

Paco Camarena, expert in medical applications of ultrasound, Director of the ivio Chair.

 Mónica Catalá, expert in analytical chemistry with experience in medical applications.

Jose Joaquín Rieta, expert in biomedical engineering, mainly in the analysis and processing of atrial fibrillation signals.

  • 4 health researchres from the Gandia HD

Jaume Morera, Managing Director of the La Pedrera Hospital

Julián Díaz, Head of the Biochemistry and Molecular Laboratory Department, Francesc de Borja Hospital

Amancio Penyuelas, Director of Public Health at the Gandia Hospital

José Manuel Querol Ribelles, Head of Internal Medicine Department, Francesc de Borja Hospital

Debate and end of the conference.

The “Safor Salut” program connects three agents of the Valencian Innovation System, specifically from the Safor region, and leverages the synergies between them to define the unmet needs and existing capacities, as well as to develop opportunities for business, innovative products and services.


Campus de Gandia (UPV)Pilar Sánchez psanche@upv.esNeus Montoro | niemones@upv.es

FISABIO-DS GandiaMaría Prada | prada_marmar@gva.esAmparo Arlandis | arlandis_ampviy@gva.esElena Carrió | carrio_elearg@gva.es

Businesses-FAESFina López info@faesafor.com


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