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Campus Gandia Takes Part in the Biofira Encounter to Fight Climate Change

On Saturday, November 16th, Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València UPV took part in Biofira, a fair held in Gandia with the intention of raising awareness and proposing ideas to respond to the challenges of climate change.

Biofira was organized by the Gandia – la Safor Climate Change and Sustainability Neighborhood Movement (MVCCS, for its Spanish initials), which brings together associations, businesses, the education community and citizenry of the Safor county.  The professors Josep Vicent Llinares and Mónica Catalá. coordinated the campus representation.

Here at the Campus we participated in the Biofira with:

–  Children’s workshops taught by our Environmental Sciences students


  1. Marine plastic pollution in the Gandia area. Nuria Felis Reig, PhD student at the UPV – Gandia.
  2. Climate change in the Mediterranean Sea. Miguel Rodilla, Campus research professor.
  3. Adaptation to climate change and the governance platform of the Serpis River.
    Francisco Martínez Capel, profesor e investigador del Campus.
  4. Loss of soil biodiversity. Josep Vicent Llinares Palacios, Campus research professor.
  5. Breaking and building the circular economy. Rafael Delgado Artés, Campus research professor.

At Biofira there were workshops organized by primary and secondary schools in Gandia; stands for bookstores and associations such as the Eucrant Association, the Serpis Platform, the Ampa Gandia Coordinator; a photocall, etc..

In addition to our presence in other stands, such as the Serpis Platform, with we we are working on a joint research projects, or the Eucrante Association, promoted by Campus research staff.

The Neighborhood Movement Climate Change and Sustainability: Gandia is a transversal group that emerged as an initiative on the part of the Association of retirees and pensioners of La Safor, to which we more entities, associations and citizens in general have joined.

The MVCCS misson statement affirms the following:

Making advances towards a better world for everyone entails vision, organization and will in order to achieve it. We have already taken the first step. We also need information and knowledge. A well-informed neighborhood community and citizenry is the best guarantee for a future of well-being, towards a common, transparent, equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and above all, a fair space.

Social participation is essential to achieving a real eco-sustainable community. It is our long-term goal and we invite everyone; associations, businesses, citizens in general who have these concerns and commitment, to start working soon. Do you want to join? What can you do?

At Campus Gandia UPV we hope to continue contributing our grain of sand to this movement. Only with information and social pressure will we be able to make the necessary changes to ensure that future generations do not lose quality of life due to the lack of foresight and the actions of current generations.

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