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In Summer, More University: Summer Courses at Campus Gandia UPV

Bringing science and research activity closer to society has become one of the strongest commitments of Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València. In this awareness-raising and dissemination campaign, continuing education undoubtedly plays an important role. These continuing education courses are a great tool for transmitting first-hand and in a practical manner, the knowledge generated in the university to anyone interested.

UPV Gandia campus verano cursosOnce again, Campus Gandia will offer wide and varied range of continuing education courses this summer. It is the time of year where you can dedicate a little more time to yourself, enjoying your hobbies and also continuing to learn alongside other people that you share interests with.

The vast majority of these summer courses are offered by researchers from the UPV and other prestigious universities who have spent years focusing their efforts on the subjects to be taught..

Among them, Carlos Alberto Scolari, professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, will give the Transmedia Storytelling Worlds Design workshop, with the aim of teaching “how to think about transmedia and to develop a narrative in different media, in collaboration with users.” Or Chuse Fernandez Aldana winner of the Ondas Prize in 2012 and the European Commission MEDEA Award in 2013, who will teach the course titled Transmedia radio storytelling. 

Tourism Management courses will also feature prominently, such as the course on Tourism Resource Assessment given by the UPV researcher, Pau Alonso-Monasterio. And of course, since it is the Polytechnic, there is no lack of technical education with a series of courses such as the one dedicated to the noise problem, which will be offered by the director of the Campus of Gandia, Jesus Alba.

cursos de verano campus gandia upv

Below you can see the list of courses:

cursos de verano campus de gandia upv

The educational program will be rounded out with four courses taught by professionals acknowledged for their extensive careers and related to areas of growing interest in recent years.

A total of 15 updated, pioneering and high quality continuing education courses to bring the university closer and share the knowledge that is generated there to students, professionals, researchers and the general public.

Luisa Camps Palanca, Coordinator of the Summer Program

Campus Gandia office F-201. | Tel : (Ext.:49456)

E-mail: macampa@upv.es. Twitter @LuisaCamps

Website for the Summer Program at the Campus of Gandia

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