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Monthly Archives: June 2016

A “Live Census” of over 850 New Spanish Language Media Websites

Observatorio de Nuevos Medios Campus Gandia

Campus Gandia professor, Marga Cabrera, is heading the project “Observatory of New Spanish Language Media”. It was funded by one of the “2015 Research and Innovation Grants in the Field of Culture” of the BBVA Foundation. The Observatory is a live census that collects information about new online media initiatives being driven by journalists. “The […]

A Vote for Science

propuestas políticas para la ciencia

On June 26, 2016 we will be asked to vote again. A new opportunity to decide in a general election who will represent us during the next four years. In just two of weeks we will be able to choose the parties and people who will have the responsibility, both in the government and the […]

Sustainable Tourism to Drive Development


The key to development is sustainability. It is unheard of today to keep talking only in economic terms, when social and environmental components are even more crucial for the success and continuity of the initiatives. We must also think of those coming after us in future generations, because if we do not act with them […]

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