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Radio Gandia

Programmes “Ciència propera”

“Ciència Propera” is a radio program for scientific dissemination, made of 12 chapters produced from the Campus of Gandia of the Politechnich University of Valencia. It has been broadcasted in Radio Gandia, Cadena Ser, on Mondays, within the programme ‘Hoy por hoy’ (approximately at 12:30h) and in the radio program of the UPV Radio Station, Mondays […]

New technologies and acoustic impact in ‘Ciència Propera’

In the fourth episode of Ciència Propera we will hear about a project to design metamaterials that help to improve insulation and reduce sound impact. The research led by Professor Víctor Sánchez, has been developed at the Campus de Gandia and also focuses on practical applications such as reducing the acoustic impact of rocket launches. The […]

Science, Up Close and Personal


Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València is pleased to announce the launch of “Science, Up Close and Personal”, a new project aimed at promoting scientific culture, technology and innovation among the general public, as well as university and pre-students, in particular. The project comprises three main activities; two television program sections and one […]