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Miguel Rodilla

Gandia Campus Researchers seen through the ‘Prism’ (UPV TV)

Prisma is a new UPV TV program in which the university community speaks in first person. When light passes through a glass prism, refraction occurs. In the same way, the light from the UPV passing through Prisma reveals the different shades, views and day-to-day routines that make up our university community. Three researchers at the […]

Abandoned Turtles Threaten the Gandia Marsh

A graduate of Campus Gandia of the UPV has worked on the LIFE+Trachemys, promoted by the Generalitat Valenciana and funded by the European Commission through the LIFE funds. The aim of the initiatives encompassed in the European LIFE projects is to contribute to the implementation, updating and development of Community policies regarding the environment and […]