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Mario Montagud from Campus Gandia, Extraordinary Doctorate Award


Mario Montagud, graduate in Engineering Telecommunications Systems, Sound and Image from the Campus Gandia of the Universitat Politècnica de València, and native of Montitxelvo (Valencia), has just received one of the Extraordinary Doctorate Awards granted by the UPV, for his doctoral thesis entitled “Design, Development and Evaluation of an Adaptive and Standardized RTCP-Based IDMS Solution”.

The UPV has awarded a total of 30 Extraordinary Awards, three of them in the category of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), in which Montagud’s thesis falls under.This research, carried out on the Campus Gandia and the Netherlands, was also recently nominated by prestigious international researchers as a candidate for best thesis worldwide in the area of Multimedia Systems by the Association for Computing Machinery.

Mario Montagud Campus GandiaThe work has focused on improving existing solutions for multimedia group communications over the Internet. Research scientist Mario Montagodu explains that he has specifically analyzed the requirements for providing Inter-Receiver Multimedia Synchronization (IDMS), the technology that ensure that all users in a shared multimedia session perceive specific events simultaneously. On the one hand, this involves minimizing the magnitude of the delays in communications, and on the other hand, compensating for its variability in all the devices and active users in the shared multimedia sessions. Thus, interactions between users and between users-devices will be coherent and natural.

The thesis was supervised by Fernando Boronat, professor at Campus Gandia, and Pablo Cesar, professor at TU Delft (Netherlands) and researcher at CWI (National Research Center in Mathematics and Computer Science of the Netherlands, based in Amsterdam) where Montagud did three research residencies (six months for his thesis and one year post-doctorate in March 2015). Mario Montagud wrote a post for this website about his experiences researching and writing his dissertation: My Experience as a PhD Candidate at Campus Gandia.


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